Pathways to Cooperation - Innovation

Change in a team
  • Facilitating the change of mindsets and behaviors
  • Resolving resistance to change
  • Merging two or more teams
  • New Manager Assimilation: The team gets a new leader.
Cultural transformation & change
  • Synchronizing culture and business strategy
  • "Change with the Brain in Mind" – ensuring successful implementations with brain-friendly approaches.
  • Large group and whole-system events such as Real-Time-Strategic-Change, Future Conference and World Café
  • Assessing and diagnosing organization culture with structured, solution-focused interviews and validated surveys
  • Culture-Value-Mapping (map values, actual and target)
  • "Appreciative Inquiry:" Develop existing potential with an organization
  • Merging cultures in the context of acquisitions or reorganizations
  • Acquisitions/M&A: Before - during – after
  • “Humble inquiry” according to Ed Schein, Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
  • "Solution detective": Finding another way around to solve challenges, e.g. in leadership, performance, results, quality, innovation, production, organization
  • Creating a framework and an “experience space” conducive to innovation and for generating new ideas
  • Designing innovative, "brain-friendly" trainings, personnel and leadership concepts
  • Designing programs, staging simulations and campaigns
  • "Neuro assessment": Evaluating campaigns and projects regarding their "brain-compatibility"
Team development
  • Strengthening and developing the “we-together” feeling.
  • Developing a team motto, team values and translating them into specific and observable behaviors
  • Creating a culture that promotes open communication and feedback
  • Making "hidden topics" visible
  • Actively guiding a team from "Forming to Performing"
Pressure / burnout in a team
  • Identify the sources of pressure (analysis of status quo)
  • Burnout assessments for individuals and teams
  • Burnout in a team - what to do and what not to do
  • Carrying out solutions-oriented discussions with staff at risk of a burnout
  • Specific inputs about mindfulness, consciousness, mental attitude, sleep, burnout, relaxation and leading under pressure
Inspirational keynote speeches

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Coaching of teams · organizations: “Brain-congruent”

The brain controls motivation, engagement, mindset, behavior, thinking and emotions. Learning something new requires changing the neural networks of the brain!

My approach aims to activate the neuroplasticity of the brain - I call it a "brain-congruent" approach.